Back to reality

Hello there, World. We meet again.

Yes, it’s been nice to have a break from you for a while but now I’m back and I’m ready to make your eyes bleed from all the things I have to write to you.

First of all, I have to say it SUCKS to be back. Not only because I barely had time to get to know New Zealand, but also because what awaited me at home was yet another rejection letter. It was really frustrating, especially after a 14-hour flight, and it felt like a low blow, but I’ve moved on. Or I’m doing the best I can to do so.

Ironically, what started the healing process was another letter, that came with the held up mail the next day – I’ve got a B permit, a.k.a. residential visa for FIVE years. It seemed a little strange to me at first, that they have no trouble letting me live here, and yet they don’t want to employ me. Somehow I’m more welcome as a “housewife” (please, do not hold that against me, it’s hard to handle as it is), than as a potential worker. But that’s Switzerland shoving their support for the “traditional” family model – Dad works, Mum takes care of the household – down your throat.

What’s left for me to do now is just swallow that along my pride in being a strong, competent, wanting-to-be-independent woman and just go with the flow. Which, when you look on the bright side, means enjoying my freedom from a 9-to-5 job, getting to pick what I want to work on and when I want to do it. Now all I’ve got to get in check is the discipline, because it seems that’s what I’m lacking most. It even said so in my dissertation critique.

Until recently, there was a slight problem with motivation and setting clear goals. Now that I’ve exhausted (from my POV) all the options, including another Master’s degree, I feel ready to embrace the home-bound deal and make the best of it.

Starting this week, I am putting my creative efforts into this blog and the literary account of our journey Down Under. Since the initial and main goal of the trip was New Zealand, I will begin with that, even though Australia came first. I just hope people would want to read about everything we saw while in NZ and then have some curiosity left for Sydney, Blue Mountains, Dubai and a little bit about Bangkok as well.

It’s all coming soon. Even though I am not going to commit to a post per day, I will do two to three posts a week to keep a steady pace, that much I can promise. Oh, and no promises here, but I will try to figure out how Google+ events work and maybe possibly make one to go along with this blog for show-and-tell purposes.

That is all for today. Ta.

P.S.: Oh, and hooray for ski-season. After yesterday’s first day of skiing (read: snowboarding) I’m torn between two theories – either the squats are showing some practical use or I’ve not done good enough, because I’m almost not sore at all. I will know for sure after the next gym day 🙂


About Yoanna Novakova

Yoanna is a reader, writer, traveller, concert goer, hiker, drinker, thinker and, of late... a blogger. She's currently doing a lot of travel writing (obviously), but fiction, fantasy and life-writing all have a representative in her portfolio. A reader of varied tastes, she's even been called "strange" for enjoying Stephen King and Terry Pratchett alike. In her pre-teen years, she used to be the kid who'd re-read her favourite books over and over again. Now she knows life is just too short for that. Always reading more than one book at a time, always writing more than one project at a time, she is yet to find her perfect pace. But she's working on it!
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