The Bottom is not always the Worst Place ;)

Surprise, surprise, I’m posting earlier this week!

It’s not only to compensate for a few late posts in the past month. I just couldn’t help but finish off that wonderful day in the Rockies. The Cave of Winds might have fooled some of you, but it was not the “bottom” I was talking about then. Here’s how our descend from Pikes Peak ended.

Upon leaving the Cave of the Winds, the sun was sinking dangerously low, so we rushed to our last destination in well-known Colorado Springs. There were no guides, and there was no strict route, so there won’t be any unnecessary commentary for this part.

I’ll just tell you that the place is Garden of the Gods and it was divine in the late sunlight.


A parking lot was “hidden” behind this cool entrance (the spots are from the windshield of our ride – Fuzzy). Here’s the opposite vantage point with a better feel of the scale:


…and I just really like this photo

A little further down the road, we discovered the full span of the Garden of the Gods:



Cathedral Spires

It’s difficult to believe that these rocks have been standing in these precarious positions for so many years. Especially considering this fragile rock garden is also a climbing site (keep in mind you must register at the Visitor Centre if you want to climb there).

It’s funny that the name came from the notion of a Denver surveyor, back in 1859, who thought the place would be “a capital place for a beer garden”. His companion – and the owner of the land, for that matter – thought it was more suitable for an assembly of the Gods, and it’s been called a Garden of the Gods ever since.

It fits too. I feel most would agree if they only sit back and observe for a while.


IMG_20140421_183019 IMG_20140421_183809

I leave you with a view of the last rays of light for the day leaving the Garden as we are too.

xx, y.



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Yoanna is a reader, writer, traveller, concert goer, hiker, drinker, thinker and, of late... a blogger. She's currently doing a lot of travel writing (obviously), but fiction, fantasy and life-writing all have a representative in her portfolio. A reader of varied tastes, she's even been called "strange" for enjoying Stephen King and Terry Pratchett alike. In her pre-teen years, she used to be the kid who'd re-read her favourite books over and over again. Now she knows life is just too short for that. Always reading more than one book at a time, always writing more than one project at a time, she is yet to find her perfect pace. But she's working on it!
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