The Road, the Monuments, and the missing Coyote

Coming from the mountains and the mountain climate to the desert that is the Moab region, you just think “Things can’t possibly get any flatter and sandier than this, right?”. Well, as you’re probably guessing – wrong!


But before we get to that, we stopped for a drink – and when I say drink I actually mean horrible diluted  filter coffee by the pot – and some food at a roadside… I’m sorry, I just can’t resist the temptation of calling it a “saloon” 😀


Twin Rocks Trading Post

Obviously named after the rock formation above it, it was a fairly busy place for its location, sort of in the middle of nowhere.

On the other hand, being the only establishment in the middle of nowhere is bound to bring in some customers.

However, every time I look at this picture, I was to photoshop our Ford Fusion “Fuzzy” out of it and put a post in its place. You know, the kind cowboys and Wild West criminals use to tie up their horses. It just, somehow… fits.

That was it for lunch. Not a memorable meal, really.

Off we were to another monumental national park. Oh, check it out,  there’s a whole in that rock:


Coming from Arches, though, that sign was not enough to pique our interest so I just took a picture of it for the record.

P1060513And again, for the record, I’d say if you live in the flattest of regions and you get one of these (left) only every once in a while, wouldn’t you want to, like, take advantage of it? Or maybe not exactly this one, because this is massive, but something easily surmountable. Like a long rock, several metres high, that lies right across your chosen path? No, you’re right, it’s much easier to just blast through it:


This next stop will be quick and simple. I’ll prefix it with two things:

First, we did not, unfortunately, see either Wile E. nor the Roadrunner. Second, if you haven’t got it yet, I’ll have to tell you – we’re headed to Monument Valley.


Just one of those roads, huh?

I’m sure these guys were somewhere out there.

And in the unlikely case that any of you don’t know who this dynamic duo is, I can only say one thing:

I’m so sorry for your wasted childhood! 😀

I have to say I was pretty excited about visiting Monument Valley. Wherever I read, every site and every guide was saying how the “17-mile scenic drive is a must”. Situated on the border between Utah and Arizona, Monument Valley is a tourist magnet regardless which state you’re travelling. It was on our itinerary as well, and as a good I read a bunch about it. Specifically, because in several sources I read that you need a 4×4 or other high-floor machine to manage the terrain. But then lots of other people said they did it with a regular sedan, no trouble.

Fuzzy was a stable machine, we though, he’ll manage. And by all evidence, he might have. But after a couple of kilometres in, we made up our minds and turned around while we still had the chance*. There were still a couple of seconds in which we thought we might have to be dragged out of there, but we made it. With lots or gas and lots of sand all over, we made it. It was a little disappointing that we had to turn around, but the leitmotif of out trip has been “there’s not enough time to do everything anyway”, so we left with only a little bit of regret. And a few pretty nice pictures even so.


If you want to check out more of Monument Valley, I came across this great post at My Itchy Travel Feet that has great photos from the whole 17-miles. Enjoy, just promise you won’t forsaken my little nook of the blogosphere, right? 🙂

Like I said, this is going to be a short and simple post for a few reasons.

A petrified UFO? 🙂

One of them being that NaNoWriMo is literally just around the corner – well, maybe not a literal corner, but it is literally next week – and I have decided to once again try and tackle the formidable 50K mark.

I’ve only tried it once before, with little planning and even less success, so let’s hope I’ve grown a little as a writer since then and I’ll accomplish more this year.

This is to say that throughout the month of November I will do my best to keep up with regular posts, but there might also be a few gaps in the schedule as most of my daily word count will be going towards the novel in progress.

Wish me luck! 🙂

xx, y.

*The 17-mile scenic drive is a two-way dirt road for the first 3 miles or so, then it becomes a one-way loop road.


About Yoanna Novakova

Yoanna is a reader, writer, traveller, concert goer, hiker, drinker, thinker and, of late... a blogger. She's currently doing a lot of travel writing (obviously), but fiction, fantasy and life-writing all have a representative in her portfolio. A reader of varied tastes, she's even been called "strange" for enjoying Stephen King and Terry Pratchett alike. In her pre-teen years, she used to be the kid who'd re-read her favourite books over and over again. Now she knows life is just too short for that. Always reading more than one book at a time, always writing more than one project at a time, she is yet to find her perfect pace. But she's working on it!
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