Well, hello there! Welcome to the info corner.

I’ll skip another mentioning of my name, as that’s not what this introduction is about. This page is not even about me, but as it happens, you’ll need to know a little about me anyway. Most important of which, is that, somehow, I got lucky enough to have the opportunity to travel to some amazing places. I appreciate every moment of those travels and I want to both share them with people and preserve the memories as authentic as possible. This means I needed to have not only pictures of the places, but also stories to go with and explain the pictures. I also needed to find a non-stressful way to get myself into the habit of writing according to schedule, so I thought this is a good compromise (the schedule is still a little fuzzy and fluctuating, but at least it exists).

So, right about now, this blog is mostly about the stories that I’ve brought back with me from far and near corners of the world. There are, however, also stories and opinions crammed inside of me that have nothing to do with travelling, so they’ll also pop up here every once in a while. In order to have them neat and organised, and out of each other’s way, I’m working on structuring these pages as good as possible for all of us to enjoy.

I hope you’ll find the stories easy to navigate through, but entertaining enough to still get lost in them. Enjoy and thank you for reading!




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