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I Get High On Live Music

Hello my dears, Here I am, back from my short vacation and back online. I did not post anything last night (at least not here), but with good reason. And his name is The General: As I write more and more … Continue reading

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Never Too Old…

To get carded, that is. Just when you’re getting used to the idea that you’re an adult and have obligations and responsibilities and shit… and you get carded in the supermarket. For beer! Exactly a week before your 28th birthday. … Continue reading

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To all my fellow procrastinators.

Ahh, hello there! I am not sure whether I should congratulate you for your honesty or just say “Gotcha!”, but either way, we both know the truth now. And we won’t judge, would we? People in glass houses and all? Yeah, … Continue reading

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Привилегията да живееш в голям град.

To all my non-Bulgarian readers, I’m sorry but you’ll have to sit this one out 😉 Днес както си скролвах (хубава българска дума!) из Фейсбук попаднах на линк към следната статия. Моя позната я беше постнала с коментара “Така е мамка … Continue reading

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Once you realise…

“Work finally begins when the fear of doing nothing exceeds the fear of doing it badly.” Alain de Botton I would not have understood that if it had not already happened to me. And that makes me happy! 🙂

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Resolutions?! Give it up, you’re an asshole.

P.S.: Or A.S. (ante-scriptum), whatever, I did write this part last. Just wanted to mention that I do know it’s one week into February, I was not in a stupor throughout January I just spent it having an oh-so-needed rest … Continue reading

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Back to reality

Hello there, World. We meet again. Yes, it’s been nice to have a break from you for a while but now I’m back and I’m ready to make your eyes bleed from all the things I have to write to … Continue reading

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Bums vs Writers. Or how thin is the line really?

I have an online friend, who sometimes, quite often even, asks me how the writing is going. I have to say it is a bitter-sweet question because most of the time the answer is rather negative – I haven’t had … Continue reading

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