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What is wrong with you, December?!

I’m serious, there is something radically off about the past couple of weeks and the only common denominator that comes to mind is that they were both in the month of December. And so that you don’t get any wrong ideas, … Continue reading

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Hello everyone, Today I won’t be talking about travelling and foreign countries, because what I’m about to post goes beyond borders and beyond language barriers. Below is a copy-paste of a very impulsive comment of mine that I posted on … Continue reading

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I don’t need you to tell me I’m all right!

I don’t care in which newspaper you read that metal is “actually” good for you, you still suck for bringing this up! Continue reading

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Is Romance Devolving?—50 Shades vs. No One Puts Baby in a Corner

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Image courtesy of Lisa Weidmeier WANA Commons. I’d hoped I wouldn’t have to go here, but alas, here we are. Today, 50 Shades of Grey the MOVIE will open for…*record screech* Valentine’s Day. Nothing…

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World’s Worst Hitchhikers

a.k.a. The Rest of the Drive South 🙂 Yeah, as per usual, I made that last post double the size it should’ve been, so I’m posting this… sort of addendum to it this week. And may it serve as a … Continue reading

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Where’s the editors at?!

Nope, you read that right. I was supposed to post another story from New Zealand today, but before I got round to actually writing it, I browsed the net for a while like a good procrastinator. I came across a … Continue reading

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Renovations (a loathsome “under construction” post)

I hate that I have to post this, but after a looong time away from my computer, from WordPress, and my usual routine, I’ve come to the realisation that this blog needs a major makeover. Not only as far as the … Continue reading

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Bums vs Writers. Or how thin is the line really?

I have an online friend, who sometimes, quite often even, asks me how the writing is going. I have to say it is a bitter-sweet question because most of the time the answer is rather negative – I haven’t had … Continue reading

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