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A Vacation from Vacation

Ahoy, Internet! Have you ever had that feeling you need to have some alone time to actually rest after you’ve been on vacation? Sometimes it happens after an actual vacation because the schedule was so crazy packed with sightseeing and … Continue reading

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What is wrong with you, December?!

I’m serious, there is something radically off about the past couple of weeks and the only common denominator that comes to mind is that they were both in the month of December. And so that you don’t get any wrong ideas, … Continue reading

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10 Ways for ADD Writers to STAR WARS! …Be More Productive

Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
Other writers frequently ask how I somehow manage to get a lot of stuff done, despite my having the attention span of a ferret…with a bad crack habit. Here are 10 ways to…

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I Get High On Live Music

Hello my dears, Here I am, back from my short vacation and back online. I did not post anything last night (at least not here), but with good reason. And his name is The General: As I write more and more … Continue reading

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To all my fellow procrastinators.

Ahh, hello there! I am not sure whether I should congratulate you for your honesty or just say “Gotcha!”, but either way, we both know the truth now. And we won’t judge, would we? People in glass houses and all? Yeah, … Continue reading

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Bums vs Writers. Or how thin is the line really?

I have an online friend, who sometimes, quite often even, asks me how the writing is going. I have to say it is a bitter-sweet question because most of the time the answer is rather negative – I haven’t had … Continue reading

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I read a great piece of inspirational writing today: Are you a “real” writer? was a great read because it just…. flowed. It was not a “how-to” kind of article, nor was it a “look, I’m successful and that’s why you should … Continue reading

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