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Hard-boiled Eggs, Subway dwellers, and a small rant about, well, other people

Roaming the streets is something you must do when you’re spending more than a couple of days in a city. You just…. must. Or at least I do because otherwise I would just be yet another tourist in a queue for … Continue reading

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I don’t need you to tell me I’m all right!

I don’t care in which newspaper you read that metal is “actually” good for you, you still suck for bringing this up! Continue reading

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World’s Worst Hitchhikers

a.k.a. The Rest of the Drive South 🙂 Yeah, as per usual, I made that last post double the size it should’ve been, so I’m posting this… sort of addendum to it this week. And may it serve as a … Continue reading

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Where’s the editors at?!

Nope, you read that right. I was supposed to post another story from New Zealand today, but before I got round to actually writing it, I browsed the net for a while like a good procrastinator. I came across a … Continue reading

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